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Located in Sonoma County's southern central binary trades plain with 42,550 residents, Rohnert Park is the county's third largest city. Thoughtfully designed for families, it is one of the first planned communities in the United States. Bikeways and walkways connect its tree-lined boulevards and attractive neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is designed around a park and elementary school. The city itself is surrounded by farms and grazing land where nationally sought after organic and boutique vegetables, fruits and cheeses are grown and produced.

Rohnert Park is a sports and recreation destination in Sonoma County's Wine Country. It has more public and private recreational facilities and opportunities per capita than any other city in the Northbay. There is the added attraction of two performing arts centers best binary option and a major university, Sonoma State University. This is the starting point for a Sonoma County Wine Country vacation.

Rohnert Park is accessible by US Highway 101, a major California north/south highway running most of the length of the state. It bisects the business and residential areas of the city. Warm days and cool nights characterize Sonoma County's climate, but each city seems to have its own micro-climate with small variations in temperatures. Cool, moist marine air from the ocean moderates temperatures, while the low range of western coastal hills provides protection from the effects of Pacific storms. The coastal range to the east acts as a barrier to the Central Valley heat waves. Rainfall is concentrated in a six-month period from late October through April. Average total rainfall per year is 27.67 inches. Fall weather is usually warm during the day, but sudden 20 degree drops often occur at nightfall. Winter ranges from dry, sunny or overcast days and 30 degree nights to rainy and mild. Brisk springs with average temperatures of 62 degrees in February gradually give way to sunny, warm weather best trading platform philippines in July through September with highs reaching often into the 90s. Cooling evening fog from the ocean moderates summer weather. Winds on the coast become blustery in spring, but the buffer of coastal hills keep wind speeds down to an average of 4 to 12 miles per hour.

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6050 Commerce Blvd., Suite 211
Rohnert Park, Ca 94928